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'Fojtová M, 2007: An Analysis of Epigenetic Traits on the Skeletal Remains of the Old Slavonic Populations from Dolní Věstonice, Czech Republic. Anthropologie (Brno) 45, 1: 81-90'.
The purpose of this article is to describe the incidence of epigenetic traits of the Old Slavonic populations from two medieval burial grounds excavated near Dolní Věstonice (Czech Republic). This research was the matter of the author's Ph.D. dissertation. The osteological material comes from the burial ground "Na Pískách" (8th-11th centuries) and the burial ground "Vysoká zahrada" (12th century). More than 1,000 individuals were discovered at these two sites. Epigenetic traits are non-pathological skeletal varieties which occur in very low frequencies in populations. A kind of hereditary base is assumed for them. The first step of the research was to obtain paleodemographic data of the two populations. Then we were concerned with the evaluation of 175 epigenetic traits (109 on the skull and 66 on the postcranial skeleton). The most important object of our attention was to specify the percentage of each of the traits, their sex- or age dependence and the preference of unilateral or bilateral expression (for bilateral traits). All the results were processed statistically for both of the examined populations, which were compared both one to another and with five other populations.
Epigenetic traits - Sex-dependence - Age-dependence - Side expression - Slavs - Dolní Věstonice - Czech Republic

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