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'Frayer DW, 2004: The Dental Remains from Krškany (Slovakia) and Vedrovice (Czech Republic). Anthropologie (Brno) 42, 1: 71-103'.
The dental remains from the Linear Pottery (LnP) sites of Krškany and Vedrovice are presented for dental metrics, non-metric dental traits, dental caries and oral pathologies and dental attrition. Overall, adult males and females from Krškany and Vedrovice show greatly reduced permanent tooth size compared to a Mesolithic sample composed of specimens from western and central Europe. Deciduous tooth size also reduces, but compared to the changes in the permanent dentition the primary teeth are more stable through time. Caries incidence and severity of caries are also considerably higher in the Krškany and Vedrovice samples compared to the preceding Mesolithic groups. Attrition rates show no significant change over time, in that average dental wear does not differ between Krškany/Vedrovice and the Mesolithic. However, dental wear is considerably greater than in an Hungarian Medieval sample. About 25% of the individuals (predominantly females) from Krškany and Vedrovice show evidence of a manipulative tooth wear affecting mainly the upper lateral incisors. Results of the dental analysis are pertinent to discussions of the evolutionary course of dental reduction in post-Pleistocene Europeans and models proposed to account for dental reduction.
Teeth - Linear Pottery (LBK) - Dental metrics - Caries - Oral pathology - Manipulative wear

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