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'Hajniš K, Petrásek R, Čeřovsksá J, 1983: Differences of Body Characteristics in the Individual Somatotypes [Czechoslovakian sample]. Anthropologie (Brno) 21, 2: 139-145'.
Student's t-test is used to find out the importance of differences in 16 mean values of directly measured somatometric characters and of the sum of the fitness of 5 skin folds among five somatotypes determined through Wanke's modified method. The authors used for their conclusions the research data of 802 17—49 years old Czech probands (of 425 females and 377 males). As regards trunk width dimensions, the most varied among various somatotypes is the transversal diameter of the chest. One of the most suitable discriminating criteria is trunk length; of a comparatively very good discriminant quality in both sexes is also the normal chest circumference in both sexes, and the gluteal circumference in females. The circumferences of the limbs in the individual somatotypes do not differ. It is well demonstrated that in females the total amount of body fat differs according to the somatotype; the same applies to a certain extent also to the individual skin folds subjected to study, as well as to their sum. In males these differences are not so significant. Since the differences among the female somatotypes are statistically more significant the authors hold that it would be necessary to use a method showing the differences among various somatotypes of males in a more distinct way.
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