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'Hanáková H, 1981: Die Latènezeitlichen Skelette aus Nordwestböhmen. Anthropologie (Brno) 19, 2: 125-128'.
La Tène Skeletons from North-West Bohemia. The Department of Anthropology of the National Museum in Prague got into its collections from the museums of Bílina and Teplice a series of La Tène skeletons from the region of north-west Bohemia. It inclu¬des specimens from 13 different localities, in each of them one or two La Tène graves: an exception is the world-known burial-ground in Jenišův Újezd and more numerous material has been obtained also from the La Tène cemetery in Radovesice. There were at our disposal for anthropological analysis only 19 partially mea¬surable skulls, 13 male and 6 female ones. The brachymorphous pattern is typical for the men, the women are inclining to dolichomorphous patterns. The comparison of our samples with the results published by Chochol (Makotřasy, Central Bohemia) shows that in the men of our set prevails brachycrany, while in central Bohemia dolichocrany predominates. The lack of material of female skeletons does not allow us to make comparison. The. obtained difference is interesting but for more general conclusion we would need more numerous material.

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