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'Irsigler FJ, 1990: L'Enracinement Allo-Neocortical du Langage. Anthropologie (Brno) 28, 1: 1-11'.
The allo-neocortical interpenetration is the determinant of species-typical behaviour in animal and man. In the human brain, it can be expressed numerically as a parameter of neocorticalisation (NI) characteristic of the human species. It underlies hemispheric lateralisation and left dominance for language. The overlap of genetic and transformational (perceptuo-cognitive) levels is at the base of a mutual antagonism in behaviour and in language of an inherent discrepancy (désaccord) between innate = biological, and grammatical syntax. In former times, this was misused in the interests of the Church; in modern societies it is exploited using mass indoctrination in the service of international organisations intent to uproot and alienate linguistically and culturally cohesive groups.
Allocortex - Language - Morphogenesis - Speciestypical Behaviour - Syntax

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