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'Goring-Morris N, Davidzon A, 2006: Straight to the Point: Upper Paleolithic Ahmarian Lithic Technology in the Levant. Anthropologie (Brno) 44, 1: 93-111'.
Several recent refitting studies of Early Upper Paleolithic Ahmarian assemblages from the arid margins of the southern Levant have enabled the systematic investigation of their distinctive technology. The reconstruction of the Ahmarian chaîne opératoire presented herewith is based on the assemblage from Nahal Nizzana XIII in the western Negev lowlands. It seems that the method involves the use of a narrow N-fronted "row boat" core preform with a plain, acute angled platform. The primary focus of knapping was the provision of series of predetermined, distinctive pointed blade/let blanks for el-Wad points (and perforators). These blanks were produced using platform abrasion and a soft stone percussor. Secondary blanks for other tool classes mostly derive either from decortication and setting up the core preform or during core maintenance by means of core tablets, both usually with a harder hammerstone. The elegance of this integrated method to the knapping concept used at Nahal Nizzana XIII is further demonstrated by comparisons with other Ahmarian assemblages in the region. Seemingly greater variability is displayed by Ahmarian-related assemblages in the Mediterranean zone, where an opposed platform technology supplements the distinctive "N-fronted" method outlined above. Contrary to longstanding and widespread anecdotal claims, there is little evidence for systematic use of the punch technique in the Ahmarian; rather the knapping mode combined two complementary stone hammer types according to the knapping stages. Finally, possible antecedents for the Ahmarian are examined. It seems likely that a poorly documented intermediate phase probably separates Intermediate (MP/UP) Boker Tachtit-like assemblages from the Ahmarian.
Upper Paleolithic - Levant - Chaîne opératoire - Ahmarian - Lithic technology - Refitting

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