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'Jelínek J, 1982: Caf Atjur, the Cave of Birds in Cyrenaica and its Engravings. Anthropologie (Brno) 20, 1: 45-56'.
— The Cure of Birds — Caf Atjur, situated in Libyan Cyrenaica near the Mediterranean seashore, some 25 km south-west of the town of Tocra is one of the northernmost localities of the African rock art. It is exceptional due to the numerous engravings of various species of birds, and thanks also to the highly developed artistic feeling demonstrated in some engravings. The gallery belongs to the treasures of the world's prehistoric art. Chronologically the studied engravings belong to the Libyan Early Neolithic with Epipaleolithic economy. The quality of the engravings in the gallery proves that its artistic development matches the qualities of other north-African and European rock art and that some of these engravings can be compared to the aesthetically most impressive examples the artistic genius of the prehistoric man created. The gallery is of great importance for the study of prehistoric art and its traditions.

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