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'Ari I, Kafa IM, Sendemir E, 2005: Anthropometric Measurements of Femur and Tibia on the Byzantine Skeletons of Nicea Remains (13th century A.D.). Anthropologie (Brno) 43, 1: 45-49'.
Skeletal anthropometric measurements to reveal regional diversity between different populations or within the same one are beneficial for understanding temporary evolutionary and developmental progress relevant to our species. Our material consisted of 26 femurs (13 left, 13 right) and 60 tibias (30 left, 30 right) of male Byzantine skeletons (13th century) excavated at Nicea in Turkey, between 1981 and 1985. Twelve osteometric parameters for femurs and five for tibias were taken into account. Indices of platymeria and platycnemia were derived and compared with other studies. Non-paired t-tests were used to compare left and right. No noticeable difference was found for femurs. Anteroposterior diameter at the nutrient foramen of tibias showed minimal difference between the left and right. The platymeric index was eumeric (mean = 86). Our material indicates the existence of eurycnemia with respect to tibial flattening (mean = 74).
Morphometry - Femur - Tibia - Platymeria - Platycnemia

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