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'Hardt B, Henke W, 2006: Preterm Birth of Children: A Current Study Concerning the Problems of Affected Women and Public Knowledge. Anthropologie (Brno) 44, 2: 187-193'.
The issue of prematurity is current as never before. Owing to advanced medical techniques extremely young and light neonates can survive, but the consequences for the child's health and the resulting psychical problems of the affected women are subjects that are often disregarded. In this study the problems of women with preterm children were examined by questionnaire. Additionally, the knowledge and opinion of the public concerning the whole problematic nature of prematurity have been clarified. We found that affected women get most support from their private environment, while social structure of the society seems to fail in some way. The public in Germany have basic knowledge about causes and risks and other topics, but overestimate, for example, the frequency of premature birth. In summary, the results of this approach suggest that both better social support of preterm children and their families, and extensive enlightenment of the public, are needed.
Preterm birth - Risk pregnancies - Neonatal intensive care - Ethical and social problems - Public knowledge - Germany

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