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'Hrušková M, Kobzová J, 2003: Selected Proportional Indices in South Bohemian Children. Anthropologie (Brno) 41, 1-2: 191-197'.
We present in our paper the development of the Rohrer's index (RI), the Waist-Hip ratio (WHR) and subcutaneous fat (measurements of four skinfolds by a Harpenden caliper) in South Bohemian (Czech Republic) schoolchildren. Anthropological research in years 1997-99 (grant IGA MZ CR, 3979-3) showed some differences in body composition and nutritional status in comparison with the reference samples. The differences were also evident in comparison of our sample with that of South Bohemian schoolchildren from years 1995-96. The higher mean values of the Rohrer's index and the sum of four skinfolds (which correspond to the quantity of subcutaneous fat) prove higher nutritional status of our sample. The changes in analyzed parameters during development and their intersexual differences confirm the exploitability of these parameters for the estimation of the nutritional status of schoolchildren.
Rohrer's index - Subcutaneous fat - Schoolchildren - South Bohemia (Czech Republic)

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