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'Kobyliansky E, Goldstein MS, 1987: Changes in Anthropometric Traits of Humans in the Process of Migration: Comparative Analysis of Two Generations of Mexicans in Mexico and in the U.S.A. Anthropologie (Brno) 25, 1: 63-80'.
The morphological status of Mexican immigrants in the U.S. A. and their American-born children, is compared with that of the Mexican sedente population, adults and children. Velocity of growth and development in various anthropometric traits is traced in the children of each group, as well as in the adults in relation to age group. The results indicated a definite tendency for larger size in migrant parents and their children than in sedente parents and children of comparable ages. The patterns of growth, velocity, however, were generally similar in the children of migrants and sedentes. In regard to differences between boys and girls, as expected the latter manifested earlier development in most of the traits considered, in terms of age at maximum increment. The possibility of physical selection in the migrants versus sedentes is considered and found to be of dubious significance in the present instance.
Anthropometric traits - Migration - Selection

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