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'Komenda S, Klementa J, 1986: Body Mass-to-Stature and Chest Circumference Indices and the Adequate Body Mass. Anthropologie (Brno) 24, 2-3: 181-184'.
To evaluate adequate human body mass is first of all a problem of health and welfare, overweight and obesity being taken as the important factors responsible for the increased risk of morbidity and mortality. In the paper body mass adequacy is considered as its adequacy to the dimensions of skeleton, represented by the stature and chest circumference. As an alternative approach to the well-known procedure of linear regression a set of procedures has been evaluated through which body mass was estimated by means of a suitably chosen index. Prediction efficiency of all these procedures has been evaluated by means of the least squares principle which made it possible to recognize the relatively best one. Theoretical formulas have been applied in the set of 540 adult males.
Body mass - Stature - Chest circumference - Body mass index - Adequate body mass - Prediction - Prediction efficiency

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