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'Hyland DC, Zhushchikhovskaya IS, Medvedev VE, Derevianko AP, Tabarev AV, 2002: Pleistocene Textiles in the Russian Far East: Impressions from Some of the World's Oldest Pottery. Anthropologie (Brno) 40, 1: 1-10'.
Recent excavations at a series of terminal Pleistocene sites in the Amur River basin and the Primorie region of the Russian Far East have produced some of the earliest evidence of pottery production in the world (Derevianko, Medvedev 1995, Zhushchikhovskaya 1996, 1997a, 1997b). Additionally, and like the novel reports of an elaborate textile industry for Upper Paleolithic Moravia (Adovasio et al. 1996, 1997, Soffer et al. 1998), systematic visual and microscopic examination of impressions on these Far Eastern ceramics reveals the presence of a sophisticated plant-fiber-based perishable technology. Interestingly, the technological types represented in this assemblage precisely mimic those recovered from the earliest levels of a number of western North American sites and may represent the prototype for this venerable industry as expressed in the New World.
Russian Far East - Perishable technology - Pleistocene pottery - Mass harvesting

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