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'Krishan G, 1985: Palmar C-line Terminations among the Two Tribes of Rajasthan. Anthropologie (Brno) 23, 3: 201-202'.
Out of the four palmar main lines D.C.B. and A, line-C has been given special emphasis in the population genetic studies, because it shows considerable directional polymorphism (Rife, 1969, Plato, 1970, Bhattacharya, 1971, Bhanu and Malhotra 1972, Ghatage, 1974, Tyagi and Masaldan 1974, Kazi et al. 1975 and Bhanu et al. 1975, Bhanu et al. 1977, Krishan et al. 1979). In the present paper an attempt has been made to find out the bilateral, sexual and population variation exhibited by C-line terminations among the two tribal groups of Rajasthan i.e. the Minas of Jaipur district and Bhils of Udaipur districts. The ethnographic details of these tribes are already reported (Krishan, 1982).
C-Line terminations - Rajasthan - Minas - Bhils

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