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'Ignasiak Z, Domaradzki J, 2003: The Relations Between Children's Body Mass Index and Selected Hemodynamic Parameters of Circulatory System During Physical Effort. Anthropologie (Brno) 41, 1-2: 173-180'.
The authors indicate that body mass is the factor which can have influence on physical efficiency. Bad diet and lack of physical activity can be the reasons of overweight which can cause diseases of the circulatory system. This problem refers to children and youths too. WHO suggests using body mass index (BMI) to estimate state of nutrition and health connected with efficiency. The lack of univocal works concerning the problem of relations between BMI and hemodynamic parameters connected with physical efficiency determine the authors to undertaking the problem. The aim of the work was the estimation of connections between relative body mass of children and hemodynamic parameters of circulatory system as heart rates and blood pressure in rest and after effort. Research was carried out in autumn in 1998 and 1999 in some villages and town Polkowice in south-west Poland, where 293 pupils were examined. There were measured such parameters as: body mass and body height, relative body mass index (BMI), heart rates and systoles in rest, after 1 and 5 minutes after step-test, efficiency index (FI) and heart work index (HWI). Next the groups with lower BMI were compared to groups with higher BMI to estimate influence of relative body mass on physical efficiency. The t-Student test was used to estimate statistically significant differences between groups. Authors suppose that factor analysed in work affects strongly on all parameters used in the analysis.
Children's BMI - Physical Effort - Efficiency - Hemodynamic Parameters - Poland

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