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'Lisoněk P, Kutal M, Peške L, Kubínek R, 1986: Auditory Ossicles from Archaeological Finds. Anthropologie (Brno) 24, 2-3: 185-188'.
A total of 75 auditory ossicles, obtained during archaeological excavations from the latène period (Praha) and from the Middle Ages (Beroun) were subjected to scanning electron microscope and osteometric examinations. In both groups, normal and pathologically changed auditory ossicles were found and described according to previously published classification of damage of auditory ossicles due to a benign (inflammatory) destructive process. The suitability of archaeological ear ossicles for scanning electron microscopy was also demonstrated on 2 mallei, found in skeletal remains from Nové Dvory, dating back to the time of the “Únětice culture”, being thus more than 3,000 years old. Finally, some osteometric differences between the latène and medieval groups were evaluated statistically in order to compare them with those on other skeletal parts of these individuals after necessary measurements
Ear ossicles - Archaeological finds - Scanning electron microscopy and osteometry

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