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'Löther R, 1983: Ontogeny, Phylogeny and the Evolution of Man. Anthropologie (Brno) 21, 1: 19-22'.
An epitome of essential trains of thoughs of S. J. Gould's "Ontegeny and Phylogeny" (1977) and V. Geist's "Life Strategies, Human Evolution, Environmental Design" (1978) is given, concerning the relationship between ontogeny and phylogeny in general and with special regard to retardation and neoteny in human evolution. It outlines the history of the problems, their recent treatment in the light of the biological theory of evolution and their role in the explanation of human evolution by that theory. A critical and constructive reconsideration of Bolk's theory of fetalization is included. The evolutionary significance of changes in developmental timing is exemplified by the difference between man and chimpanzee at the genetic and the epigenetic level. The importance of the field of development for the synthesis of molecular and evolutionary biology is indicated.
Recapitulation - Neoteny - Retardation - Fetilization - Human evolution - Chimpanzee - Epigenetic level - Synthesis - Evolutionary biology

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