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'Mania D, Vlček E, 1987: Homo erectus from Bilzingsleben (GDR) - His Culture and his Environment. Anthropologie (Brno) 25, 1: 1-45'.
The outcome of the excavation and research of the Middle Pleistocene travertin site at Bilzingsleben during the last years is delt with in this paper referring to multidisciplinary work like geology, stratigraphy, morphology and geochronology of the site, its archaeological situation, biology, phytogeny, economy, sociology and ecology of Homo erectus from Bilzingsleben. The site was proved to have been the living-floor of a Homo erectus group containing structures of small dwelling objects, workshops, hearths, tools made of silex showing special functions, crude peble tools, bone and antler tools which had also been differentiated according to their functions, refuse of game bones having been obtained by a partially specialised big game hunting. Besides other examples of anticipated activities there are some other bone tools bearing engravings which must be regarded as deliberate representations, evidence of the highly developed intelligence of the late Homo erectus. His skull remains so far found at Bilzingsleben are described. All results have been obtained by the collaboration of a team of scientists from numerous disciplines.
Homo erectus - Tools technique - Workshop - Dwelling structures - Hunting economy - Palaeo-ecology - Deliberate engravings

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