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'Novák VJA, 1981: Synergism of the Main Developmental Factors in the Evolution of Man. Anthropologie (Brno) 19, 3: 199-201'.
A mutual intensification of the main factors in the evolution of man from his animal ances¬tors is discussed. The descent from trees of the Pliocene man fornmners resulted in bipedal locomotion with ronscquent orthostasis which freed the anterior extremities. This made more effective the hunting for larger beasts enabled by cooperation of increasing number of individuals. Protein diet of the creatures thus im¬proved, causing, together with Ike improving microclimatic conditions (fur wearing, dwelings), a continuous ten¬dency for neoteny resulting in a quick increase of the brain. This, in its turn, favoured an increasingly com¬plex activity of the upper extremities converting them into hands and creating intentional labour including tool-making. The labour was the main stimulus for the development of speach whicli, on one hand, contri¬buted to further functional improvement of the brain, on the other hand, it resulted in the origin of social consciousness which made possible sharing of experience (social heredity) among individuals of even distant generations.

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