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'Joubert K, Darvay S, Ágfalvi R, 2003: Development of Children's Body Mass, Height and BMI from Birth to the Age of Fourteen (Based on the Hungarian Longitudinal Growth Study). Anthropologie (Brno) 41, 1-2: 145-155'.
The authors give a draft picture on the Hungarian Longitudinal Growth Study. 1,808 boys and 1,743 girls examined at the age of 14 still make not less than 57% of the number at birth (2,984 boys and 2,701 girls). Reference percentiles and reference mean values are given for the anthropometric data, the evaluation and examination of which is necessary the most often in paediatrician practice. They present percentile curves and mean values for body height (body length) and body mass, partly from birth to the age of 2, partly for the ages between 2-14 years. Reference percentiles of the body mass index (BMI), serving for the approximate assessment of a child's nourishment, have been depicted from birth to the age of 14. Reference percentiles of head and chest circumferences are shown for infancy (from birth to the age of 2).
Health and demographic survey of pregnant women and infants - Hungarian Longitudinal Growth Study - National representative sample - Body height (length) - Body mass - BMI - Head circumference - Chest circumference - Reference percentiles

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