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'Novotný V, 1986: Sex Determination of the Pelvic Bone: A Systems Approach. Anthropologie (Brno) 24, 2-3: 197-206'.
The biological system of sexual dimorphism of the bony pelvis is described using a systems approach for the improvement of sexing techniques. The result is a method for simple and reliable sex determination of the skeleton. The problems with "sex diagnosis", so-called systems approach both in general and with special regard to research on pelvic sexual dimorphism, principles of sex determination and perspectives for further study are discussed. Representa-tive metric-traits of two evolutionary, functionally and causally 'relatively independent sub-systems of pelvis (ischiopubic and sacroiliac segments) were found. Their multivariate discriminant functions serve as an identification key with maximum sex discriminatory effectivness, which under normal conditions yields up to 100 % accuracy in sexing. Remarks on "sex diagnosis" in practice deal with statistical inference, interpopulation differences, historic and prehistoric finds, pathological changes and morphoscopic sex characters. Practical recommendations are added.
Sex determination - Pelvic bone - Systems approach - Theory and practice

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