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'Oliva M, 1989: The Early Aurignacian Industry from Vedrovice II (Southern Moravia) and the Question of the Aurignacian Origins. Anthropologie (Brno) 27, 2-3: 251-264'.
The site Vedrovice II lies directly above the former brickworks, the loess walls of which contained a few artefacts in a stratigraphic position under the interpleniglacial soil. The chipped industry from surface collections and trenches (which proved the existence of the single finding layer) is identical: the prevalent implements are burins (including Aurignacian forms) and side scrapers. Blades are very rare in spite of the fact that a special blade method of core reduction was known. The industry as a whole lacks further analogies even in the sites situated, as in case of Vedrovice II, in the region with raw material sources. In Europe there are several Aurignacian-like assemblages of a mutually different character and probably of a different origin more than 35 000 years old. This is the reason why the author expresses his hypothesis about the polygenetic origin of the Aurignacian in several independent centres.
Vedrovice II - Early Aurignacian - Polycentric evolution

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