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'Padmanabham PBSV, Jaswal IJS, 1987: Genetical Demography of Apatanis. Anthropologie (Brno) 25, 2: 165-169'.
This paper discuss the genetical demography of Apatanis, who inhabit Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh. Their population, according to 1971 census was 12,488 individuals. In consequence of their breeding structure Apatani society is divided into two hierarchical and endogamous groups, namely Guth and Guchi. 374 Guth and 190 Guchi households were studied for the present investigation. Apatanis practice child marriages. Mean No. of live births per Guth married woman is 4.58; whereas Guchi married woman has 4.41 live-born children. The percentage of children survived in case of Guth were 73.32 and 73.84 in the case of Guchi. Live born children per woman of completed fertility were 5.43 (Guth) and 5.81 (Guchi). Child-woman Ratio for Guth and Guchi are 1,119 and 1,219 respectively. The Net Reproductive Index (NRI) computed is 1.73 and 1.66 in that order. The selection Intensity is 0.8896 and 0.7088 for Guth and Guchi respectively.
Apatani - Guth - Guchi - Arunachal Pradesh - Reproductive Life

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