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'Plesl E, 1990: A Contribution to the Knowledge of the Inhumations of the Lusatian Urnfield Population. Anthropologie (Brno) 28, 2-3: 235-240'.
Occurence of inhumation graves in Urnfield cultures environment. Strong influences from the South-East into the middle Danube region and their responses in the cultural development on the territory of present day Czechoslovakia. The exact knowledge of cultic and religious ideas of the Middle and Young Bronze Age population together with the existence of inhumed individuals or unburnt parts of human bodies on the cemeteries as well as on the sites with a more settlement character in the Urnfield period and in the preceding era, reveals to us the relevant horizon of sacral and historical signification. Its detailed investigation will be the subject of future collaboration of archaeologists with anthropologists.
Bronze Age - Funeral customs - Cult practices - Offering places - Inhumations in the Urnfield period

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