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'Prokopec M, Titlbachová S, Dutková L, Zlámalová H, 1986: Development of Height and Weight of Czech Children Since 1951 up to 1981. Anthropologie (Brno) 24, 2-3: 217-224'.
In September 1981 already the 4th national cross sectional anthropological research among children and adolescents from 0 up to 18 years of life had been realized. Just as the foregoing researches in 1951, 1961 and 1971 the 4th NCSAR included a representative sample of children selected through random sampling. The processing of data took place separately in Slovakia and in the Czech Provinces under observance, however, of the same procedure. The aim of the research was to acquire new representative growth standards and to evaluate growth changes in chil¬dren in Czechoslovakia in the course of the 30 postwar years. In order to determine the influence of environment upon their growth and development a series of socio-economic data concerning children and their family environment were followed. The results obtained would be useful for both public health and pedagogical practice and moreover would find their application in the industry. The present report summarizes the results concerning height and weight data in 4 tables and 12 graphs.
Czech Children 0 to 18 years old - Weight - Height - Growth acceleration - Secular Trend

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