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'Prokopec M, Titlbachová S, Zlámalová H, Dutková L, 1986: New Standards of Head, Chest and Abdomen Circumferences for Czech Children. Anthropologie (Brno) 24, 2-3: 225-232'.
The 4th National Anthropological Cross-sectional Research of Children and Adolescents covering the 0—18 years age bracket (1, 2, 3) took place in September 1981 in Czechoslovakia. The research linked up with the three preceding ones undertaken in 1951, 1961, and 1971 was based on a representative sample of children. The data obtained were processed separately in Slovakia and in the Czech Provinces under the observance of the same procedures. The aim of the research was to ascertain new representative growth standards. The study was focused on the problems of body height, body weight, and circumferences of head, chest and abdomen. The present paper summarizes the results obtained by measuring the circumferences of heads, chests and abdomens, comparing them with the results of the preceding National Anthropological Researches realized in the years 1961 and 1971. In the year 1951 no circumferential measures were taken. Circumferences of the abdomen were measured for the first time only at the last research in the year 1981. The results thus obtained are presented in the enclosed tables and graphs.
Czech children - Head circumference - Chest circumference - Waist circumference

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