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'Delfino VP, Vacca E, Lettini T, Potento F, 1987: Analytical Description of Cranial Profiles by Means of KTH Order Polynomial Equations: Procedure And Application on Plesianthropus Transvaalensis (STS5). Anthropologie (Brno) 25, 1: 47-55'.
A method to describe skull profiles by means of analytical morphometrical evaluators aiming at systematic comparisons and divergence ranking is presented. The technique used is fully automized and employs a television camera interfaced with a computer having specific hardware devices and an original S. A. M. (Shape Analytical Morphometry) software package. The main routine provides both coefficients of the upper degree equation, their standard deviation and standard error, as well as variance and covariance matrices whereas accessory routines supply both standardization of positioning, normalization of the apparent size of the image to be analyzed and regulations for densitometric readings. The five upper degree polynomials for the profiles of the total i.e. fronto-facial, facial, frontal and corresponding caudal trait of the lateral left view of the Australopithecus africanus (STS5, Plesianthropus transvaalensis) together with its sagittal curve are discussed in detail
Skull profiles - Upper degree polynomial equations - Analytical morphometry

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