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'Koutecký D, 1981: Die Population der Knovíz- und Bylany-Kulturen in Böhmen. Anthropologie (Brno) 19, 2: 101-105'.
The Knovíz and Bylany Culture Population in Bohemia. The paper deals with archaeological knowledge of the Knovíz and Bylany culture populations in relation to the anthropological studies by J. Chochol. The archaelogical sources need not reflect the ethnicity and therefore the anthropologists' assistance must be welcome. According to the kind of burial J. Chochol classified two anthropologically different forms in the Bylany culture: the first form falls into the genetic line of the autochthonous population with predominating incinerations of men, women and children, the other has no precedent in the preceding stages of development. We find exclusively the inhumations belonging to the proto-celtic non-autochthonous population. Both forms differ in size, robusticity and other characters. Cho¬chol's sample with only 35 cases is limited and, besides, the graves are scattered over a large area and they come from different stages of development of the Bylany culture, therefore they do not reflect the regional and historical aspects. The results of archaeology and anthropology correspond to the general outline, but they differ in detail. The anthropological sample from the Bylany culture cemetery at Poláky near Kadaň contributes to our knowledge of the Bylany population, but on the other hand, it raises new problems which must be the subject of further study.

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