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Coverage: 1923-1941 (Vols. I-XIX) & 1962-2023 (Vols. 1-61)
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News: Special Issue focused on the paleoethnology / ethnoarchaeology, invited Guest Editor Professor Jiří Svoboda is in preparation.

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Velichko AA
Global dispersals of hominids - a feature of their coevolution with the environment
1999, Volume 37, Issue 1, Pp. 5-18
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Velichko AA, Gribchenko YN, Kurenkova EI
Geoarchaeology of the Palaeolithic in the East European Plain
1997, Volume 35, Issue 2, Pp. 215-232
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Velichko AA, Arslanov KHA, Gerasimova SA, Islamov UI, Kremenetski KV, Markova AK, Udartsev VP, Chikolini NI
Paleoecology of the Acheulian Cave Site Sel-Ungur (Soviet Central Asia)
1991, Volume 29, Issue 1-2, Pp. 9-15
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