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'Uryson MI, 1969: Georgi Frantsevich Debets, 1905-1969. Anthropologie (Brno) 7, 3: 89-90'.
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Moncel MH, Pleurdeau D, Pinhasi R, Yeshurun R, Agapishvili T, Chevalier T, LeBourdonnec F X, Poupeau G, Nomade S, Jennings R, Higham T, Tushubramishvili N, Lordkipanidze D,
The Middle Palaeolithic Record of Georgia: A Synthesis of the Technological, Economic and Paleoanthropological Aspects
2015, Volume 53, Issue 1-2, Pp. 93-125
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Tushabramishvili N, Pleurdeau D, Moncel M-H, Mgeladze A
Le complexe Djruchula-Koudaro au sud Caucase (Géorgie). Remarques sur les assemblages lithiques pléistocenes de Koudaro I, Tsona et Djruchula
2007, Volume 45, Issue 1, Pp. 1-18
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Gabunia L, Vekua A, Lordkipanidze D
A Homind Metatarsal from Dimanisi (Eastern Georgia)
1999, Volume 37, Issue 2, Pp. 163-166
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Vančata V, Vančatová M, Čaljan VG
A Research Project of the Study of Locomotion and Behaviour of Monkeys With Regards to the Environment (Primate Research Centre, Academy of Medical Sciences, USSR, Sukhumi, Georgia, USSR)
1983, Volume 21, Issue 2, Pp. 181-182
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