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'Hajniš K, Pozděnová L, 1975: Septenbildung im Sinus Frontalis. Anthropologie (Brno) 13, 1-2: 131-137'.
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Habicht ME, Eppenberger PE, Galassi FM, Rühli FJ, Henneberg M
Queen Meresankh III – the oldest case of bilateral Silent Sinus Syndrome (c. 2620/10 - 2570 BC)?
2018, Volume 56, Issue 2, Pp. 103-113
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Duda B, Jerzemowski J, Orkwiszewska A, Rogowska E
Main Tributaries of the Coronary Sinus in the Selected Primates Heart
2003, Volume 41, Issue 1-2, Pp. 31-34
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Linc R, Fleischmann J
The Occurrence of Metopism in our Present Population and Its Relationship to Sinus Frontalis
1969, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pp. 35-40
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