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'Prokopec M, 1989: The Finder of the Australopithecus from Taungs is Dead [Raymond Dart, 4.2.1893-22.11.1988]. Anthropologie (Brno) 27, 2-3: 275-276'.
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Estebaranz F, Martínez LM, Hiraldo O, Espurz V, Bonnin A, Farrés M, Pérez-Pérez A
Tooth Crown Size and Dentine Exposure in Australopithecus and Early Homo: Testing Hypothesis of Dietary Related Selective Pressures
2004, Volume 42, Issue 1, Pp. 59-63
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Jelínek J
Australopithecus bahrelghazali West of the East African Rift
1996, Volume 34, Issue 3, Pp. 351-351
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Tobias PV
The Early Australopithecus and Homo from Tanzania [with comment by G. Kurth]
1965, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pp. 43-49
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