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Chalyan VG, Meishvili NV
Study of Social Structure in Free-Ranging Hamadryas Baboons
2003, Volume 41, Issue 1-2, Pp. 25-30
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Meishvili NV, Chalyan VG, Butovskaya ML
Postconflict Reconciliation and Interactions with the Third Individuals in Anubis Baboons
2003, Volume 41, Issue 1-2, Pp. 35-39
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Vančata V, Vančatová MA, Přívratský V, Zlámalová H, Chalyan VG, Meishvili NV, Mazura I, Jebavý L
Comparative Study of Growth Trends and Velocity in Macaca mulatta from Konárovice Primate Centre and Insitute of Medical Primatology, Sochi
2001, Volume 39, Issue 2-3, Pp. 191-213
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Chalyan VG, Meishvili NV
The Cases of Cooperation and Altruism in Free-Ranging Hamadryas Baboons
2000, Volume 38, Issue 2, Pp. 187-192
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Meishvili NV, Chalyan VG
Social Factors and Mother-Infant Relationships in Cynomolgus Macaques
2000, Volume 38, Issue 2, Pp. 181-185
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