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Cyrek K Czyżewski Ł
2016, Volume 54, Issue 1, Pp. 3-4
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Cyrek K, Sudoł M, Czyżewski L
The record of changes in the Middle Palaeolithic Settlement zone of the Biśnik Cave
2016, Volume 54, Issue 1, Pp. 5-20
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Sudoł M, Cyrek K, Krajcarz M, Krajcarz MT
Around the Biśnik Cave – the Area of human penetration during Palaeolithic
2016, Volume 54, Issue 1, Pp. 49-68
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Cyrek K, Sudoł M
Artefacts or geofacts? Presenting a dilemma basing on the Early Vistulian finds from the Biśnik Cave, Poland
2012, Volume 50, Issue 3, Pp. 323-344
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Krajcarz MT, Krajcarz M, Sudoł M, Cyrek K
From far or from near? Sources of Kraków-Częstochowa banded and chocolate silicite raw material used during the Stone Age in Biśnik Cave (southern Poland)
2012, Volume 50, Issue 4, Pp. 411-425
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