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Šefčáková A, Bodoriková S, Panenková P, Thurzo M, Takács M, Urminský J
Decorated femoral head from the Early Bronze Age cemetery at Gáň (Galanta district, Slovakia)
2010, Volume 48, Issue 2, Pp. 199-207
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Šefčáková A, Thurzo M, Katina S, Staššíková-Štukovská D
Craniometric Characteristics of Some Early Medieval Skeletons from Borovce (Piešany District, Slovakia) Connected with Allochthonic Spur with a Buckle for Tying: A Multivariate Analysis (PCA)
2006, Volume 44, Issue 2, Pp. 151-165
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Obertová Z, Thurzo M
Cribra orbitalia as an Indicator of Stress in the Early Medieval Slavic Population from Borovce (Slovakia)
2004, Volume 42, Issue 2, Pp. 189-194
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Šefčáková A, Thurzo M
Mongoloid Individuals from the Migration Period (5th Century A.D.) at the Devín Castle (Bratislava, Slovakia)
1994, Volume 32, Issue 1, Pp. 65-76
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Thurzo M, Lietava J, Vondráková M
Differential Diagnostics of Two Cases of Ankylosed Wrists from the Early Middle Ages in Slovakia
1988, Volume 26, Issue 3, Pp. 221-227
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Thurzo M
Ein Skelettfund aus der Völkerwanderungszeit in Bratislava-Vajnory
1981, Volume 19, Issue 2, Pp. 135-142
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Thurzo M
A Survey of Anthropological Researches of the Bronze Age Realized in Slovakia
1978, Volume 16, Issue 2, Pp. 123-126
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Thurzo M
Mongoloide Elemente in der Entwicklung Mitteleuropäischer Populationen
1976, Volume 14, Issue 1-2, Pp. 113-119
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