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It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we inform all colleagues: Doc. MUDr. Vladimír Novotný, CSc, a long-time member of the editorial board of the Anthropologie, has died on 30th November 2019 at the age of 80 years.
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1970 / Volume 8 / Issue 2 
Dokládal M
Ergebnisse experimenteller Verbrennungen zur Feststellung von Form- und Grössenveränderungen von Menschknochen unter dem Einfluß von hohen Temperaturen
1970, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pp. 3-17
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Beneš J
Zur Morphologie der Ohrmuschel der Zigeuner
1970, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pp. 19-25
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Hajniš K, Nováková V, Farkaš LG
Relations Between Scrotum and Penis and Basic Body Dimensions in Children's Age
1970, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pp. 27-29
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Stloukal M, Vyhnánek L
Auswertung der Spondylosis deformans an altslawischen Skeletten
1970, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pp. 31-38
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Stloukal M
11th Meeting of the German Society for Anthropology and Human Genetics in Mainz
1970, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pp. 39-39
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Stloukal M
Anthropological Congress on the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary Commemorating the Birthday of Aleš Hrdlička (10th Conference of Czechoslovak Anthropologists)
1970, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pp. 39-41
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Prokopec M
Prof. Johann Schaeuble [1904-68]
1970, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pp. 41-41
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