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2014 / Volume 52 / Issue 1
Special Issue: Bioarchaeology of European Neolithic Populations / Part 1
Guest Editors: Patrik Galeta, Jaroslav Bruzek

Galeta P, Brůžek J
Neolithic transition in Europe: the challenge for bioarchaeology
2014, Volume 52, Issue 1, Pp. 3-13
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Nehlich O, Oelze VM, Jay M, Conrad M, Stäuble H, Teegen W-R, Richards MP
Sulphur isotope ratios of multi-period archaeological skeletal remains from central Germany: a dietary and mobility study
2014, Volume 52, Issue 1, Pp. 15-33
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Bickle P, Bentley RA, Dočkalová M, Fibiger L, Griffiths S, Hamilton J, Hedges R, Hofmann D, Mateiciucová I, Whittle A
Early Neolithic lifeways in Moravia and Western Slovakia: comparing archaeological, osteological and isotopic data from cemetery and settlement burials of the Linearbandkeramik (LBK)
2014, Volume 52, Issue 1, Pp. 35-72
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Villotte S, Stefanovic S, Knüsel CJ
External auditory exostoses and aquatic activities during the Mesolithic and the Neolithic in Europe: results from a large prehistoric sample
2014, Volume 52, Issue 1, Pp. 73-89
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Kozlowski T, Stepanczak B, Reitsema LJ, Osipowicz G, Szostek K, Ploszaj T, Jedrychowska-Danska K, Pawlyta J, Paluszkiewicz C, Witas HW
Osteological, chemical and genetic analyses of the human skeleton from a Neolithic site representing the Globular Amphora Culture (Kowal, Kuyavia region, Poland)
2014, Volume 52, Issue 1, Pp. 91-111
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