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'Lyon S, 2002: Local Arbitration and Conflict Deferment in Punjab, Pakistan. Anthropologie (Brno) 40, 1: 59-71'.
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Sajid A, Shafique M, Shahzad M, Ali Shahid A
Fingerprint patterns and ridge density variations in Pakistani population: a comparative study
2021, Volume 59, Issue 1, Pp. 15-22
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Stefański D, Wilczyński J
Extralocal raw materials in the Swiderian culture: case study of Kraków-Bieżanów sites
2012, Volume 50, Issue 4, Pp. 427-442
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Meishvili NV, Chalyan VG, Butovskaya ML
Postconflict Reconciliation and Interactions with the Third Individuals in Anubis Baboons
2003, Volume 41, Issue 1-2, Pp. 35-39
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Kozintsev AG
Late Archaic - Early Modern Human Transition in Eastern Europe: A Case of Local Evolution by Sexual Selection?
1999, Volume 37, Issue 2, Pp. 111-114
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Dočkalová M
Characteristics of the Bronze Age Osteological Finds from the Locality Velim near Kolín
1990, Volume 28, Issue 2-3, Pp. 197-202
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Jelínek J
Stone Tool Localities in Arnhem Land
1979, Volume 17, Issue 2-3, Pp. 111-114
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Bunak VV
Conflicting View in the Taxonomy and Evolution of Fossil Hominids
1965, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pp. 29-36
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