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'Tvrdý Z,, 2018: IN HONOUR OF THE 70th BIRTHDAY OF RNDr. MARTA DOČKALOVÁ, Ph.D.. Anthropologie (Brno) 56, 3: 141-142'.
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Kostrhun P
2017, Volume 55, Issue 3, Pp. 237-238
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Valoch K,
60th BIRTHDAY OF doc. PhDr. MARTIN OLIVA, Ph.D., D.Sc. (Reprint).
2017, Volume 55, Issue 1-2, Pp. 13-14
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Klír P,
In honour of the 85th birthday of Prof. MUDr. PhDr. Eugen Strouhal, DrSc.
2016, Volume 54, Issue 2, Pp. 75-78
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Klír P
A Festschrift in honour of Prof. MUDr. PhDr. Eugen Strouhal, Dr.Sc.
2010, Volume 48, Issue 2, Pp. 65-68
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Jelínek J
Doc. PhDr. Karel Valoch, DrSc. celebrating his 80th birthday
2000, Volume 38, Issue 3, Pp. 209-210
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Jelínek J
Upon the Occasion of the 70th Birthday of PhDr. Karel Valoch, CSc
1991, Volume 29, Issue 1-2, Pp. 1-8
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Prokopec M
The Anniversary of the 60th Birthday of Prof. RNDr. Vladimír Novotný, CSc.
1982, Volume 20, Issue 2, Pp. 187-187
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Valoch K
Personal anniversary [70th birthday of Karel Zebera 3.3.81]
1981, Volume 19, Issue 2, Pp. 185-185
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Stloukal M
Anthropological Congress on the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary Commemorating the Birthday of Aleš Hrdlička (10th Conference of Czechoslovak Anthropologists)
1970, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pp. 39-41
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Prokopec M
Scientific Conference Held in Honour of Prof. František Bláha at His 70th Birthday
1967, Volume 5, Issue 1, Pp. 63-64
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