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'Černý M, Komenda S, 1976: Geschlechtsbestimmung von Humerus und Femur mit Hilfe der Diskriminanzanalyse [Czech sample]. Anthropologie (Brno) 14, 1-2: 67-70'.
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Ari I, Kafa IM, Sendemir E
Anthropometric Measurements of Femur and Tibia on the Byzantine Skeletons of Nicea Remains (13th century A.D.)
2005, Volume 43, Issue 1, Pp. 45-49
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Trinkaus E
The Humerus Versus the Femur: Changing Patterns of Diaphyseal Robusticity across the Late Archaic to Early Modern Human Transition
1996, Volume 34, Issue 3, Pp. 239-247
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Hajniš K, Petrásek R, Čeřovsksá J
Differences of Body Characteristics in the Individual Somatotypes [Czechoslovakian sample]
1983, Volume 21, Issue 2, Pp. 139-145
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Šefčáková A
Dermatoglyphs on the Medial and Proximal Phalanges [Czechoslovakian sample]
1983, Volume 21, Issue 2, Pp. 123-134
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Hajn V
Rare Dermatoglyphic Patterns and Their Heredity [Czech sample]
1976, Volume 14, Issue 1-2, Pp. 51-54
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Figalová P, Šmahel Z
Main Head Dimensions in Relatives of Children with Cleft Lip and Palate [Bohemian sample]
1975, Volume 13, Issue 1-2, Pp. 93-100
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Nikityuk BA, Filippov VI
Anthropological Aspects in the Genetics of Human Development: Heterotosis as One of the Factors of Child Growth and Development [Ukrainian Sample]
1975, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pp. 223-236
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Šmahel Z
Interdigit Depth, Finger Length and Their Interrelationship in Adults [Bohemian Sample]
1975, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pp. 245-249
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Šmahel Z
Measurements of the Motion of the Hand Joints (Review of the Results Obtained) [Prague Sample]
1975, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pp. 193-195
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Strádalová V
Sex Differences and Sex Determination on the Sacrum [Czech Sample]
1975, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pp. 237-244
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Stloukal M
Symposion über die Alters- und Geschlechtsbestimmung des Verstorbenen auf Grund des Skelettstudiums
1971, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pp. 94-94
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