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'Jelínek J, 1968: An Interesting Paleopathological Find from Brno. Anthropologie (Brno) 6, 3: 99-102'.
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Armocida E, Galassi FM, Gruppioni G, Zambruno S, Varotto E, Traversari M, Calcagnile L, Ruggeri A
Brief communication: The Presumed Skull of Athalaric, King of the Ostrogoths (AD 516-534): Questioning of a Century-Old Attribution and Paleopathological Study
2021, Volume 59, Issue 1, Pp. 93-96
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Vargová L, Horáčková L, Němečková A
Slavonic Burial Site at Olomouc-Nemilany (Czech Republic). Anthropological and Paleopathological Analysis
2002, Volume 40, Issue 2, Pp. 145-155
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Capasso L, Di Tota G
Fifth Toe Distal Inter-Phalangeous Synostosis: Paleopathological Description and Possible Evolutionary Significance
1998, Volume 36, Issue 3, Pp. 231-233
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Strouhal E
Report on Anthropological and Paleopathological Activities in Egypt, 1995. Institute for the History of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
1995, Volume 33, Issue 1-2, Pp. 136-136
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Jelínek J
Gravettian Shoulderblades, Their Morphological Variability and Other Interesting Features
1992, Volume 30, Issue 1, Pp. 45-50
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Strouhal E
Second European Meeting of the Paleopathological Association in Turin (Italy)
1980, Volume 18, Issue 1, Pp. 99-99
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