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Vacca E, Novotný V, Vančata V, Pesce DV
Shape Analysis of Incisura Ischiadica major: Definition of Reference Outlines in Sexing the Human Pelvis
2007, Volume 45, Issue 1, Pp. 91-96
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Czarnetzki A, Dollhopf K-D, Gieseler W, Vacca E
Features of Human Bipedalism: A New Look at an Old Problem
1998, Volume 36, Issue 1-2, Pp. 17-34
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Vacca E, Novotný V, Vančata V, Delfino VP
Shape Analysis of Incisura Ischiadica Major in Sexing the Human Pelvis
1997, Volume 35, Issue 3, Pp. 291-301
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Novotný V, Delfino VP, Potente F, Vacca E, Vančata V
Symmetry Analysis of Incisura ischiadica major in Sexing the Human Pelvis
1996, Volume 34, Issue 3, Pp. 253-263
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Pesce Delfino V, Vacca E
Discovery of an Archaic Human Skeleton in Altamura (Bari - Italy)
1993, Volume 31, Issue 3, Pp. 157-158
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Potente F, Vacca E, Delfino VP
Dental Wear Evaluation by Image Analysis Methods
1992, Volume 30, Issue 1, Pp. 9-12
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Delfino VP, Vacca E, Lettini T, Potento F
Analytical Description of Cranial Profiles by Means of KTH Order Polynomial Equations: Procedure And Application on Plesianthropus Transvaalensis (STS5)
1987, Volume 25, Issue 1, Pp. 47-55
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