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'Strádalová V, 1977: Intercorrelations of Head and Face Dimensions [Czech data]. Anthropologie (Brno) 15, 2-3: 101-106'.
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Datta Banik SD, Das S, Bose K, Gritlahre M,
Estimation of stature from hand and foot dimensions among university girl-students in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India
2016, Volume 54, Issue 3, Pp. 291-297
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Hrušková M, Kobzová J, Bláha P, Krejčovský L, Riedlová J, Vignerová J
Face dimensions of Czech Children aged 0-1.99 years
2009, Volume 47, Issue 3, Pp. 283-288
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Tyagi R, Kapoor S
Ageing in Structural and Functional Dimensions among Institutionalized and Non-institutionalized Senior Citizens
2004, Volume 42, Issue 2, Pp. 141-146
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Vinh LG
Study of Facial Dimensions in Vietnamese Young People (Their application into aesthetic and plastic surgery)
1988, Volume 26, Issue 2, Pp. 113-115
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Blažek V, Titlbachová S, Doležal A
Somatic differences among the categories of women determined through cluster analysis of the pelvic dimensions
1987, Volume 25, Issue 1, Pp. 81-85
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Benedík J, Michálek J, Beneš J
A New Approach Towards the Study of Heritability of Somatometric Characters of Twins [Czech data]
1978, Volume 16, Issue 1, Pp. 11-18
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Gupta GD, Sharma A
A Study of the Association Between Fingerball and Fingertip Configurational Complexes [Indian data]
1978, Volume 16, Issue 3, Pp. 205-209
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Komenda S, Klementa J, Krátoška J
Proportions of Body Dimensions in Adult Population [Czechoslovakia]
1978, Volume 16, Issue 3, Pp. 211-227
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Hodačová Z
Determination of the Dental Age on Osteological Material of Immature Individuals [Czech data]
1977, Volume 15, Issue 2-3, Pp. 111-115
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Sharma A
A Cross-Sectional Growth Study of Some Modified Fresh Pelvic Measurements and the Correlation Matrices [Indian data]
1977, Volume 15, Issue 2-3, Pp. 141-147
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Škaloud F
The Irregular Eruption of Permanent Teeth [Czech data]
1977, Volume 15, Issue 2-3, Pp. 233-233
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Figalová P, Šmahel Z
Main Head Dimensions in Relatives of Children with Cleft Lip and Palate [Bohemian sample]
1975, Volume 13, Issue 1-2, Pp. 93-100
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Hajniš K
The Growth of Certain External Dimensions of the Hand and the Operation Period of its Congenital Defects
1970, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pp. 49-59
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Hajniš K, Nováková V, Farkaš LG
Relations Between Scrotum and Penis and Basic Body Dimensions in Children's Age
1970, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pp. 27-29
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Tolarová M, Gottwald J
Palatometer: a Device for Measuring the Basic Dimensions of Hard Palate
1969, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pp. 70-72
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Prokopec M
Variations de la capacité vitale du Poumon produites par la position du corps et par l'age: Avec tableaux des dimensions physiques de base des sportifs adultes
1967, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pp. 7-20
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